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At Pacific Tech, our roofing services go beyond just excellent construction; we're committed to positively shaping communities, enriching lives, and building a better future for everyone involved.
Since '95

A Roofing Legacy

Since the company’s inception in 1995 we have maintained a self-performing Roofing Division. Over the course of the two decades, our roofing division has expanded to account for roughly half of Pacific Tech’s business. With over 150 skilled roofers and laborers, we are capable of self-performing multiple roofing projects in disparate locations throughout the United States simultaneously. 

Our Federal Footprint

Servicing DoD and Civilian Agencies Alike

We are capable of performing new construction, roof replacements, roof repairs, and leak repairs on all roofing systems. Our crews specialize in providing roofing services in high security environments, quick turnaround projects, occupied buildings, and limited access project sites. We have limited in-house design capability and also have well-established relationships with several design firms specializing in roofs and building envelope. Consequently, we are capable of completing both Design-Build and Design-Bid-Build roofing projects. Similarly, because of our General Construction Division, we are also capable of providing turnkey solutions for those projects that might also require structural or seismic upgrades in conjunction with your roof replacement project.

Pacific Tech Construction is an Approved Installer for all major roofing manufacturers. We are also a GSA Schedule holder (GS-07F-0509Y) under category 563 4 – Roofing Materials, Products and Services Solutions.

Nationwide Excellence

Roofing America

We have performed roofing services for a multitude of Federal agencies, both DoD and civilian, state and municipal governments, commercial and industrial, and private clients. If you live in the United States, no matter where you are, Pacific Tech has probably roofed a building within a couple of hundred miles of your location. If you want your roof done right, give us a call.

Federal Agencies

State & Municipal Governments

Commercial Buildings

Industrial Complexes

Private Residences

High-Security Facilities

Occupied Buildings

Limited Access Sites

New Construction

Roof Replacements

Utility & Power Plants

From Concept to Completion

We've Got You Covered


Discover the breadth of construction services we offer at Pacific Tech Construction, from crafting new structures to historic restorations and disaster repair. Whether you're looking to design, build, renovate, or seek expert consulting, we're your go-to for all things construction.


Dive into the specialized industrial services we provide at Pacific Tech Construction. Whether it's structural upgrades, piping systems, or equipment management, we've got the skills to optimize your manufacturing and power generation facilities.


From Local Roots to Nationwide Construction

Pacific Tech Construction, founded in 1995, has evolved into a leading small-business contractor in Southwest Washington, serving a diverse clientele including federal agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and local industries. Specializing in general construction, roofing, and industrial contracting, we offer comprehensive services in construction management, design-bid-build, and design-build across the U.S. and beyond.